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Court - Continued
2008-06-05   3:12 p.m.

Well, we went to court yesterday.

We have to go back again in Aug. The judge wants to see my son's
neuropsych evaluation results when we get them. It's not like they
didn't know last time that he wouldn't have that done by now, so
yesterday was a waste of time.

No one from his school showed up. Figures... maybe they didn't want
the judge to ask again why no evaluations were done at the school
seeing it was supposed to be a 45 day diagnostic placement.

So I'm standing there talking to my son's lawyer about the evaluation
coming up, it's in Boston.. about 35 miles away. My mother in law
walks up and asks if there is anyway we can find someone around here
to do this evaluation because we don't have a ride.

I felt like my head was going to explode right off my shoulders.
This appointment had already been rescheduled because of a transportation
problem. She told us herself that she would give us a ride when we
rescheduled, I thought we were all set for the last two months. Now
this... WTF is wrong with this woman? This is important, she said
she would give us a ride.. now she has all sorts of excuses. She
knows that we don't know anyone that could do this..... Whatever !!!

Then we get home and my husband started with, there has got to be
a place that is closer. Again BOOOOOM !!!!!!!!

We talked about this before... we were happy to get the referral we
did because obviously my son needs to be evaluated by someone that
knows what he/she is doing. Now after 5 months of waiting he changes
his mind. Like mother, like son? Oh yeah....

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